Monday, 6 April 2009

three little words

this week(end) has been quite eventful actually,
On Saturday i had a chance to get a lie in, as i had to get the train at half 2 to Glasgow, as there was a group of us going out clubbing.
Then, as usual, the trains were crap and decided to not run and i had to get a taxi halfway there then get the train from the drop off point, and meet the other 3 girls an hour later.
I got a chance to have a browse round Fopp, and try to find the Sub Club (which we later found to be closed)...
And decided to go to the Garage, which was fun but full of sluts, like seriously it was like a cesspool of scantily clad pubescents face eating in groups of two. It wasn't really my style, but as we ventured downstairs, the music got better and we danced in our own group and tried to forget about the surrounding characters. All in all it was a really good night, and i legs hurt, and i want to see that busker who was playing Bob Dylan again.

On Sunday i went a 10 mile walk, then i felt accomplished afterwards. Later we went for a meal, which was lovely but i forget the name of the restaurant. Then later later on i went to see my boy, and met his friends, oh and also i met Amy - who i've been wanting to meet for quite a while. We went to an abandoned house with torches, played music loud, and basically raved. It was really fun, then we decided to walk back and get chips (i didnt have a bag but i tried one and it was honestly the best chip i've ever had). Then i got home about 12ish. Good night!

my new favourite video!

i'll post some pictures from the weekend later.

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  1. Oh my god, asif you know him hahahahahahhaha.
    It was the weirdest thing ever though, seeeriously.