Thursday, 9 April 2009

misery is a butterfly

i need to update,
i think i have to update from the whole entire week so i'll try and remember things.

okay, monday, tuesday i slept and did pretty much feck all.
wednesday was good, i went and got a hair cut (fringe dun dun dun)
here is a picture (quite crap quality but couldnt be bothered getting my camera out):

i also went shopping with the mother, got a couple of things. finally got "This Is England" on dvd, got a sripey cardigan, blazer, gladiator sandals and a black vintage bag. then i went to Andrews, we went this walk, tried to get these stones into a tunnel across the other side of the river, went to buy munchies (i bought these new flavour of jammie dodgers), talked for ages about everything under a bridge, got covered in mud and went to his house. We watched music channels, and the fattest man getting married for a bit which was quite hilarious. Also, NME was quite good so we listened to that for a while.

Today, slept in, went to Silverburn. Got a dress and a jacket thingy. Bought millions of sushi. I think i'm sick of shopping. I wanted to see my boy tonight but i was really tired and the weather was really bad so decided against it.

the dress i bought

and i feel sick and full up now, good day(s) though.
looking forward to cinema tomorrow, and Arran adventures at the weekend!

i've been listening to Foals live all night, Bat For Lashes, & Blonde Redhead.

i think me and Chris are going to see Patrick Wolf, and i'm going to see Unicorn Kid in June!


    anyways. how can you be sick of shopping?! its great fun, well if you have money to spend.
    wow. vintage bags i love them, and the dress is gorgeous, you blogs really nice.
    would you like to link exchange?

  2. sorry for not following earlier! i was meant to! hope you like my blog, and with the decoden thing, just put like a protective layer on your phone first then you can use anything on it ^^ mine is 3d but you can have loads of other stuff... check it out love ^^ xxx

  3. i think i've seen your blog before, but I'll tell you again that's very very lovely :)

    i love your blog and your hair is so so great.