Saturday, 28 March 2009

vivre sa vie

Last night was fun, i went to my friends and we listened to music and had chips, as usual i got a cheeky pickled onion.
i think we listened to:
-Empire Of The Sun
-Isabel playing Fleet Foxes on the guitar

We also visited Lorie's gran, but i felt quite rude as i was on the phone at the time, but i apologized afterwards. She gave me a can of diet coke and offered me a biscuit, to which i said "it's okay i would rather not have a biscuit"

I think today might be good, my mum has offered to take me shopping but i cant really be bothered, so i asked her to buy me "This Is England" whilst i stay home and tidy.
I think my room has gotten to the state where its impossible to live in, its that untidy.

I'm trying to get better at french, even though i've dont the talking part of the exam and got a 1, I want to be able to get a good mark in the listening exam.
Thats my life from the past couple of days - boring as it may be, but oh well.

one of my favourites!

oh i can't wait to jump on the bandwagon!
i loved! this book when i was little, i remember i used to borrow it from the library endlessly..

is it wrong that i really want his t-shirt?

i loved that film so much

i love her, she reminds me of "Scout" in the film "To Kill A Mockingbird"

okay, maybe just me...


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  1. that wold tshirt... I actually have!!! hahaha. well, Nordstrom has this line that just renews old clothes and alters them, and I got this wolf tank top with lacey straps and a wolf from one tshirt on the back and one from another on the front. that mans shirt is on the front of it. weirdddd.